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South Carolina is home to over half a million churchgoers. And at McPhail, we’ve had the privilege of serving them by serving churches across the state for decades. It warms our heart to know that our church services have brought comfort and joy to so many people. And while we’re known as the leading church pew upholsterer in South Carolina, we also offer other church furniture services including pew refinishing, wood restoration and general repairs for all kinds of church furniture.

If you live in South Carolina and have ever had questions about church pew upholstery, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll try and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our services:

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    Do I Really Need Church Pew Upholstery?

    As with any furniture, church pews can see wear and tear after a while. But furniture damage is most apparent with church upholstery. Beautifully upholstered pews are not only more inviting, they’re also more comfortable. Long hours of sitting on wooden pews isn’t a practical solution. Upholstering your pews makes them more comfortable because of the soft padding and foam cushioning. This way, you can seat more people for longer.

    Upholstering pews can also add years to their life. The wood is protected from damage, cracks and erosion and looks great for a long, long time. Regular wooden pews start to show their age quickly with simple smudges, blemishes, cracks and splinters. Pew upholstery can solve this problem while making the interior of the church look a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

    Can I Customize My Church Pew Upholstery?

    Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. At McPhail Church Services, we offer complete customization of our upholstery to all our South Carolina clients. You can choose from a variety of finishes and fabrics to ensure it matches the look and architecture of your church. 

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    Is Upholstering Church Furniture Expensive?

    We offer some of the most competitive pricing across South Carolina, and our team of experts will work with you on your church pew upholstery project to ensure not only its timely completion, but also its completion within a budget that’s comfortable for you.

    We offer free quotes to all our South Carolina clients, and our services have no hidden fees whatsoever.

    What Makes McPhail’s Services Special?

    We have a proprietary process for upholstering and reupholstering church pews that’s loved by all our clients. We even offer a 15-year warranty on our services.

    We also work with the best fabric mills in the country to provide you with the finest upholstery that looks exquisite and is built to last, without being inaccessibly expensive. In addition, we use high-quality LUX foam that is known for its durability, comfort and ability to retain shape for years despite repeated use and pressure.

    How Do I Get a Free Church Pew Upholstery Quote?

    You can get a free quote for your church pew upholstery project here or by calling us on (910) 322-5673. Since 1990, we’ve served churches in South Carolina with services like pew upholstery, refinishing, wood restoration, and furniture repairs.

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