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McPhail Church Services, Inc. in Autryville, North Carolina is a family-owned church pew upholstery, restoration, and repair company. Norman McPhail, the owner, has been working in the industry since the early 1990s.

Norman honed his ability in new pew manufacturing, eventually gaining experience with all major pew manufacturers past and present. In 2004 he founded McPhail Church Services to address the growing demand for on-site pew upholstery and restoration. Starting him out young, Norman brought his son Nicholas on many projects. Today they operate together providing churches with two generations of experience in their field.

What We Offer

Over the years we have expanded our offerings beyond religious institutions to courthouses, funeral homes, and historical buildings from the East coast all the way to Texas, irrespective of size or scope. We are able to accomplish this task with a dedicated staff of administrators and craftsmen with over thirty years of experience and thousands of projects completed. View our testimonial page for accounts of satisfied customers.

McPhail Church Services prides itself on being a small but efficient provider of on-site/off-site church furniture services. Services available include church pew upholstery/ reupholstery and padding replacement; solid wood refinishing; veneer repairs; pew parts; used church furniture sales; church furniture transporting, assembly and installations; and more!

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How We Work

Norman will work with your committee or architect to ensure your project is completed efficiently and affordably, providing you the service you deserve.  We will cover a range of services from a simple refurbish, to a complete replacement of your pews in an attempt to beautify your worship center.  Rest assured that all services are completed by us without outside contractors, allowing us to make the process as simple and affordable as possible.