Church Pew Upholstery & Pew Padding Services

Church pew upholstery is our specialty. McPhail Church Services provides qualified craftsmen who have worked over the years to perfect our proprietary reupholstering process. We are the industry leader in pew upholstery providing our services to thousands of churches nationwide. Adding new upholstery or reupholstering pews can be completed many times within a few days and at a reasonable price.

These projects can be completed on-site and we always do our work around the church’s schedule ensuring no interruption of services. We strive to apply the same level of craftsmanship to all our projects, large or small offering a 15-year warranty on our church pew upholstery.

    Services of Interest

    Fast and Reliable service

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    Cost-Effective Solutions for Beautiful Church Pew Upholstery is Our Specialty

    These services are cost-effective solutions for bringing new life to your pews and worship seating AND provide the value of longevity. For ⅓ of the cost of new pews, we can beautify your existing furniture, bringing new life to your cherished existing furniture. We do any size of pew curved, angled, or straight.


    Large Variety and Selection of Upholstery Fabrics

    We offer a large and varied selection of fabrics, provided by the best fabric mills in the industry. Our fabric is multi-sourced to guarantee quick delivery and timely completion of your project from the start. All of our beautiful, durable, and comfortable fabrics are woven in the U.S., using domestic yarns. The fabric itself is warrantied and is woven to stand up to years of commercial use. McPhail Church Services uses top of the line high density, upholstery foam also known as LUX foam. We assess the needs and desires of our clients to determine the compression and size of the foam, to provide the best look and comfort possible.

    See How McPhail Church Services can
    Transform Your Sanctuary

    Solid Wood to Upholstered

    We have completed many solid wood to upholstered jobs that update older furniture with new padding. Some pews come without pew padding. We can take those same pews and transform them!



    The Difference is Amazing!

    It’s not just the fading colors but also the amount of support your church cushions provide and the longevity of the work.



    Color Selection & Consulting Help

    Our on-staff consultants walk each and every client through the pattern and color selection process.



    As with any furniture, church pews can see wear and tear after a while. And furniture damage is unfortunately most apparent with church upholstery. In the house of the Lord, it is of utmost importance that the congregation feels at peace and comfortable.

    That’s where McPhail’s comes in. We’ve been upholstering and reupholstering church pews for decades now.

    What Are the Benefits of Upholstering Church Pews?

    • The congregation’s comfort is the biggest benefit. Long hours of sitting on wooden pews and benches can be rather uncomfortable. Wooden furniture is usually built for durability and function. It’s the upholstery that adds comfort through the soft padding and foam cushioning over the pews. This makes it easier to seat more people for longer.
    • The other benefit is aesthetic value. You can choose from a variety of finishes and fabrics for your upholstery to ensure it matches the look and architecture of your church. Further, when furniture is aesthetically pleasing, it elevates the ambience and gives the church a warmer, more welcoming feel.
    • Finally, upholstering furniture can add years to its life. The wood is protected from damage, cracks and erosion due and looks great for years on end. Un-upholstered furniture starts to show its age quickly with simple smudges, blemishes, cracks and splinters very easily visible to the naked eye.

    Is upholstering church furniture expensive?

    As national leaders in church seating solutions and upholstering, we’re used to working with all budgets, all around the country, and with different timelines and schedules. McPhail’s team of experts will work with you to understand your needs and requirements, and provide you with a quote that meets your expectations. 

    What makes McPhail’s services special?

    We have a proprietary process for upholstering and reupholstering church pews that’s taken us decades to perfect, and is loved by thousands of churches all over the country. We’re so confident you’ll love our services that we offer a 15-year warranty on our church pew upholstery.

    Our experts work with you on any scale of project, and work around the church’s schedule and convenience so as to not disrupt services. Most of our work can be carried out on-site in an efficient, timely manner.

    We work with the best fabric mills in the country to provide you with the finest upholstery that looks exquisite, and is built to last, without being inaccessibly expensive. In addition, we use high-quality LUX foam that is known for its durability, comfort and ability to retain shape for years despite repeated use and pressure.

    How Do I Get a Quote?

    You can call us at (910) 322-5673 to speak with one of our experts, or you can get a free quote online. Since 1990, we’ve served churches and their congregations through services like pew upholstery, refinishing, wood restoration, furniture repairs, as well as pew installations and deliveries. We’re one of the foremost church furniture services and seating solutions companies in the country. But don’t take our word for it. Check out some of the transformation photos for yourself. 

      Services of Interest

      Areas we serve:

      North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Indiana