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McPhail Church Services has been the leading church pew upholsterer in North Carolina for decades now. And we take pride in that not just because our upholstery and reupholstery services are highly rated, but because through our work, we get to serve those who serve the Lord. 

And even though we’re most popular for our church pew upholstery services, we offer full church furniture services including pew refinishing, wood restoration and general repairs for all kinds of church furniture.

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    Why Do I Need to Upholster Church Pews?

    As with any furniture, church pews can see wear and tear after a while. But furniture damage is most apparent with church pew upholstery. Beautifully upholstered pews are not only more inviting, they’re also more comfortable. North Carolina weather can vary greatly over the course of the year. Much of the congregation visits church braving the weather, often traveling long distances. The last thing you want is discomfort during sermons.

    How Does Church Pew Upholstery Help?

    Wooden furniture is usually built for durability and function. It’s the upholstery that adds comfort through the soft padding and foam cushioning over the pews. This makes it easier to seat more people for longer.

    Upholstering pews can also add years to their life. The wood is protected from damage, cracks and erosion and looks great for years on end. Un-upholstered pews start to show their age quickly with simple smudges, blemishes, cracks and splinters that can be very easily visible to the naked eye.

    Can I Customize My Church Pew Upholstery?

    At McPhail Church Services, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We offer complete customization of our upholstery, so you can choose from a variety of finishes and fabrics to ensure it matches the look and architecture of your church. We’ve perfected our proprietary upholstery method over decades to give us impeccable results that won’t let you down.

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    Is Upholstering Church Furniture Expensive?

    At McPhail, we’re used to working with all budgets, timelines and schedules. We offer some of the most competitive pricing across North Carolina, and our team of experts will work with you on your church pew upholstery project exactly per your needs and specifications, and within your budget.

    We offer free quotes to all our North Carolina clients, so you can rest assured that the project is well within your scope before we get started.

    What Makes McPhail’s Services Special?

    We have a proprietary process for upholstering and reupholstering church pews that’s loved by churches all over North Carolina. We even offer a 15-year warranty on our services.

    Most of our work can be carried out on-site in an efficient, timely manner, around your convenience and schedule.

    How Do I Get a Church Pew Upholstery Quote?

    You can call us at (910) 322-5673 to speak with one of our experts, or you can get a free quote for your church pew upholstery project below. Since 1990, we’ve served churches and their congregations through services like pew upholstery, refinishing, wood restoration, furniture repairs, as well as pew installations and deliveries. We’re one of the foremost church furniture services and seating solutions companies in North Carolina.

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