If you have ever sat in a church pew, you know how uncomfortable they can be. Fortunately, something as simple as new pew cushions can make a drastic difference in the comfort of your church pews. Pew cushions make sitting on those uncomfortable benches more comfortable, and they also help protect them from wear and tear over time. Suppose someone accidentally spills something on your pew, for example. In that case, pew cushions prevent it from soaking through the wood underneath, causing expensive damage. There are many options for pew cushions, but one of the most economical ways to upgrade your pews is with lay-in pew cushions.

What is a lay-in pew cushion?

A lay-in pew cushion is a type of seat cushion that is similar to the traditional pew cushions in many ways, but with one significant difference— it doesn’t need to be installed onto the existing pew. A lay-in pew cushion is installed by simply laying it over the current seating material. There are a few different versions of lay-in pew cushions, each with its own set of benefits and customization levels.

Different types of lay-in pew cushions

Loose & Reversible Style – removable cushions that can flip over to provide the same finished look and feel on either side of the pew cushion. We use 2 inch high-density 1850 polyurethane foam for our lay-in cushions. Dacron on top and bottom of cushions provide a durable and functional finish. The cushions can be sewn closed or can include a zipper closure, which allows easy cover replacement should any damage happen to the cushion cover.

Fabric and Padding Considerations

There are many options when it comes to choosing pew cushions. Some are made from fabric, and others from leather. Depending on the size and shape of your church pews, there may also be other options, such as vinyl or canvas seats. Depending on how thick the cushion needs to be, they can come with two or three layers of foam.

When choosing which type of pew seat cushions you want for your church, consider what would work best for your congregation’s needs. You may be considering replacing your church pew cushions because you’re looking for a way to transform your church pews into a more comfortable place to sit. For an older congregation, you may want to invest in thicker padding so they can be more comfortable. Or perhaps you are looking to update the look of your sanctuary and need pew cushions that match the new aesthetic. One of our trained consultants can help you decide the specific needs of your church and find the perfect lay-in pew cushions for your particular needs.

Affordability of lay-in pew cushions

The cost of buying a lay-in pew cushion is relatively straightforward. You need to know the type of cushion you want (for example, foam or fiber), the length and width of the pews, and the number of cushions needed for each row. The benefit of lay-in pew cushions is that they are typically quite a bit less expensive than having your pews reupholstered. Often reupholstery requires the removal of pews to a factory and more extensive manpower, all of which increase the cost. Lay-in pews can be a quick and affordable option for updating your church sanctuary without sacrificing aesthetics.

How long does a lay-in pew cushion usually hold up?

The answer to that question depends on the quality of the cushion and how often it is used. Multi-layer cushions may last longer than cushions with single layers. However, single-layer cushions are more economical and therefore better if you are on a tight budget or if you tend to replace your cushions every year or so. In general: if you choose a high-quality pad, at least seven years would be reasonable. Still, some will last much longer than this (depending upon use).

Do lay-in pew cushions look cheap?

Not if done right! At McPhail Church Services, we use nothing but the latest techniques and quality materials to ensure that your lay-in cushions are of the highest standard. We also have trained consultants who can help you choose the right materials and pads for your specific church sanctuary, which will help ensure the look is seamless and aesthetically pleasing.

Do lay-in pew cushions fit the pew well and not slide around?

Lay-in pew cushions are designed to fit perfectly in the pew. They don’t slide around and don’t fall off, which means your congregation can trust that they are comfortable and secure.

Lay-in pew cushions are a fantastic option for many churches. Their ease of installation, the cost-effectiveness of this option, and the many customizations make them an excellent option for many looking to upgrade their pew seating. Contact us today if you have any further questions or are ready to start customizing lay-in pew cushions for your church building!

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