Mississippi is home to some of the most beautiful churches in all of America. And while we often talk about how beautiful they are from the outside, one thing that often doesn’t get as much of the spotlight is church furniture.For the last 32 years, we at McPhail Church Services have been repairing and restoring furniture for some of Mississippi’s oldest and most beautiful churches, and we’d love to help you with your church furniture. Our services include furniture repair, restoration, and replacement. We also offer brand new, custom-made furniture like pews, pulpits, baptismal fonts, and more.

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    How Can I Tell If My Church Furniture Needs Repairs?

    Wood is one of the most durable materials out there, but over time it can become prone to damage and wear. Here are some signs that might your church furniture might be in need of repair, restoration or refinishing:

    Visible cracks

    This is usually the first and most obvious sign that your furniture may be in need of repairs. Cracks deteriorate over time, widening and threatening the structural integrity of your furniture. If left unchecked, these cracks could lead to larger splinters or breaks, leading to accidents or injury.

    Wood splitting

    Splinters or break-offs in furniture are usually tell-tale signs of damage. These can happen due to external damage or even sustained use over time. Splinters indicate that the furniture is no longer how it was intended to be, and that it might be time for refinishing or wood restoration. Splinters often even lead to sharp, jagged protrusions that can cause injuries.

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    Loose joints

    These can cause furniture to wobble or collapse. They’re usually a sign that the furniture wasn’t assembled perfectly to begin with. Besides making chairs and pews uncomfortable to sit on, they can also sometimes be a safety risk. Fortunately, these are often the easiest to repair, and at McPhail, we’ve been repairing them for years.

    Ripped fabric

    Rips and tears in furniture fabric bring down its overall appeal. Not only can they make newer furniture look old and worn, but they’re also unhygienic. Once the upholstery is torn and exposed, it is more likely to collect dust, stains and can even be susceptible to termite attacks. At McPhail, we repair upholstery to give furniture not just a brand new look, but also a look that’s based on the aesthetic of your church, or to match other furniture you might have.


    What’s Different About McPhail Church Services?

    Since 1990, we’ve been providing high quality furniture and excellent services to churches all over Mississippi. We’ve repaired furniture, upgraded it and installed new furniture exactly to our clients’ specifications and personalized needs. We’re a family-owned and operated local business, and we take pride in our craftsmanship and quality of work. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our repairs, products and services. But don’t take our word for it. Check out some of the transformation photos from our work for some of our regular clients. That could be you!

    Give us a call on 919-322-5673 today for a free quote. We look forward to serving you.

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