Imagine this—you have a packed church on Sunday. The priest is delivering his sermon. The congregation is jubilant and uplifted in praise and celebration of the Lord.

And then one of the church pews snaps with an audibly loud crack.

At McPhail Church Services, our main goal is to ensure that nothing of that sort ever happens. Whether you’re looking to repair existing furniture or buy new, the team at McPhail Church Services has you covered, no matter what part of Alabama you’re located in. And the best part? We’ll work with you to ensure your furniture matches your church’s theme, architecture and decor to the T. Our services include furniture repair, restoration, and replacement. We also offer brand new, custom-made furniture like pews, pulpits, baptismal fonts, and more.

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    How Can I Tell If My Church Furniture Needs Repairs?

    As durable as wood is, over time it becomes prone to damage and wear from sustained use. Here are some signs to look out for that might tell you it’s time to repair or replace your church furniture:

    Visible cracks 

    This is usually the first and most obvious sign that your furniture may be in need of repairs. Cracks deteriorate over time, widening and threatening the structural integrity of your furniture. If left unchecked, these cracks could lead to larger splinters or breaks.

    Wood splitting

    Splinters or break-offs in furniture are usually tell-tale signs of damage. These can happen due to external damage during moving or on impact with hard surfaces or edges. Unless the splinter is very small, the overall shape and structure of the furniture is now no longer how it was intended to be. The splintered part is now susceptible to further erosion or breakage. If multiple parts of the furniture have splinters, it might be time for refinishing or wood restoration.

    Loose joints

    These can cause furniture to wobble or collapse. Besides making furniture uncomfortable to use or sit on, they can also sometimes be a safety risk. Fortunately, these are often the easiest to repair, and at McPhail, we’ve been repairing these for years.

    Ripped fabric

    Rips and tears in furniture fabric bring down its overall appeal. Not only can they make newer furniture look old and worn, but they’re also unhygienic. Once the internal material of your furniture is exposed, it is more likely to collect dust, stains and can even be susceptible to termites. At McPhail, we repair upholstery to give furniture not just a brand new look, but also a look that’s based entirely on the aesthetic of your church.


    What’s Different About McPhail Church Services?

    Since 1990, we’ve been serving churches and congregations all over Alabama. We’ve repaired furniture, upgraded it and installed new furniture based on our clients’ specifications and personalized needs. We’re a family-owned and operated business, and we take pride in our craftsmanship and quality of work. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our repairs, products and services.

    Give us a call on 919-322-5673 today for a free quote.

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