29 October

Disaster Restoration and Repair for Pews and Church Furniture

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Church Restoration and Repair After a Catastrophe: McPhail Church Services can help!

Natural disasters happen, and the church isn’t immune to having to deal with the catastrophe that a hurricane, flood or violent storm can inflict. When these sacred spaces are damaged or destroyed by natural disasters, it can have a profound impact on the emotional and spiritual well-being of your congregation. So it’s important to get timely help from trusted professionals as you set out to restore your sanctuary and meeting spaces.  Even when it’s more than just a clean or maintenance, McPhail Church Services can help!

Why choose McPhail Church Services to restore your church furnishings?

McPhail Church Services has earned a solid reputation in the field of church furnishings restoration and repair, backed by years of experience. Our dedicated team possesses knowledge and skills honed through numerous restoration projects, and we understand the unique challenges that church buildings present. Our specialty is restoration, repair, and transport of furniture for places of worship of any size.

Our collaborative approach is a welcome help and a balm during such a difficult time for your church family. McPhail Church Services works closely with church budgets and governing bodies, ensuring that the restoration project aligns with financial constraints and meets the approval of the church’s leadership. We recognize that there are a lot of moving parts during a large restoration project, and we’re experienced at working alongside other members of the project team so there’s a cohesive plan that takes all aspects of your project into consideration. We strive to make the furnishings repair and restoration part of your project as seamless and timely as possible.

Services McPhail can offer your congregation:

At McPhail Church Services, we’ve been installing and refinishing church pews for decades. We have a proprietary process for our projects that we’ve developed with a lot of effort, research, and input from our clients. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with our work that we offer a 15-year warranty on our church pew upholstery.

Our North Carolina based family-owned business specializes in church pew upholstery, restoration, and repair. While we’re renowned for our on-site pew upholstery and restoration, including cleaning and refurbishing, we can also provide complete pew replacement if needed. We’re happy to come to your church building and make recommendations of what works best for you, taking into account what and how much damage has been done by the storm or natural disaster.

Partner with McPhail to restore hope for your church community:

Church restoration and repair in the aftermath of a natural disaster are about more than just reconstructing physical structures; they are about rekindling faith and hope within communities. McPhail Church Services, with its wealth of experience, collaborative approach, and unwavering commitment quality, is the ideal choice for these critical projects. Contact us today to see how we can partner with you!


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