15 December

Church Pew Replacement Parts

church pew upholstery example

Church Pew Replacement Parts From McPhail Church Services

McPhail Church Services is an industry leader that specializes in church pew part replacement & repair, upholstery, refinishing, restoration, and pew installations and deliveries. In our warehouse, we always carry church pew replacement parts and have staff members ready to complete repairs all over the country.

Pews may seem like they’re one solid piece but there are many parts that can be replaced such as: 

  • Seats and Backrests: These are typically separate pieces and can be replaced if damaged or worn out
  • Cushions and Padding: If the padding or cushioning on the seat or backrest wears out, it can be replaced through reupholstery
  • Wooden Components: Parts like armrests, legs, or other wooden structural elements can be replaced if they are damaged or broken. 
  • Hardware: Screws, bolts, and other fasteners that hold the pew together can be replaced if they become damaged or if the pew becomes unstable
  • Upholstery: If the pews are upholstered, the fabric or covering can be replaced if it becomes torn or worn
pew restoration

Where To Buy Church Pew Replacement Parts 

Buy your church replacement parts from McPhail Church Services! We’ve worked with almost every pew manufacturer since 1990 and have seen it all. Whatever part of your church pew you may need replaced, let us know and we will develop a pew repair solution to fix the problem.

How Is McPhail Church Services Different From Other Church Services?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and quality of service. We’ve been serving churches and congregations around the country since 1990, and we work on the church’s schedule and convenience, so as to not disrupt service at any time. We’re so confident in our quality and service that we offer a 15-year warranty on our upholstery, which is pretty rare for the industry.

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