16 February

4 Best Things To Do With Old Church Pews

Reupholster An Old Church Bench

Reupholstering an old church pew is a great choice for several reasons. It helps preserve its historical and sentimental value, especially if it’s been part of your church for a long time. You can update its look with new fabrics to match any decor changes. Plus, reupholstering makes the pew more comfortable for congregants during services. It’s also environmentally friendly, as it keeps the pew out of landfills. Overall, reupholstering is a sustainable and cost-effective way to maintain your church’s history and ensure the pew continues to be enjoyed.

new church pew upholstery

Refinish Your Old Church Pew

Refinishing an old church pew can revitalize it, preserving its historical and sentimental value. It repairs surface damage like scratches and worn finishes, restoring its original beauty. This process also lets you update the pew’s appearance to match any decor changes. Refinishing extends the pew’s lifespan, ensuring it continues to serve the congregation. Overall, refinishing is a cost-effective and sustainable way to maintain its beauty and honor its significance in your church’s history.

Repairing A Church Pew

Repairing an old church pew is a wise choice for several reasons. It allows you to fix any structural issues, such as loose joints or broken parts, ensuring the pew is safe for congregants. Repairing can also extend the pew’s lifespan, avoiding the need for costly replacements. Additionally, it helps maintain the pew’s historical and sentimental value, preserving your church’s history. By investing in repairs, you demonstrate your commitment to preserving its significance for future generations. Overall, repairing an old church pew is a practical and meaningful way to honor its past while ensuring its continued use.


Donating an old church pew is a meaningful way to repurpose it. Consider giving it to other churches, religious organizations, community centers, or historical societies. Websites like “The House of Worship Furniture” also offer donation options. Before donating, make sure the recipient can use it.

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