30 May

How to Sanitize Church Pews

If you’re wondering how to clean and maintain church pews regularly, we at McPhail Church Services have got you covered.

We’ve served churches in North Carolina and all over the country for decades now, and know all about church furniture upkeep and maintenance. Here are a few simple tips and tricks up for you:


How do I keep my church pews sanitized?

If the pews in your church aren’t upholstered, we highly recommend church pew upholstery. It extends the life of your furniture and is also easier to clean and maintain.

Assuming your pews are already upholstered:


Manually pick any debris off the upholstery and pew surfaces.


Gently vacuum the upholstery. This will get rid of most of the invisible dirt and grime. Use some of the extensions that come with your vacuum cleaner to reach corners and nooks that are hard to reach.


Get a sanitizing product like Clorox and spray small amounts gently over your upholstery.


Use a light brush to spread the disinfectant and clean up dirt on the surface. Remember, brushing too aggressively can tear the fabric, and spraying too much disinfectant can lead to discoloration and smudging.

What if my church pews are made of wood and not upholstered?

That’s easy too:


Identify the type of wooden surface on your pews—whether the wood is a hard finish or an oil finish. The latter may be slightly more sensitive to cleaning chemicals.


If your furniture has a hard wood finish, use a standard cleaning spray with just a few spritzes across the surface.

If your furniture has an oil finish, use a mild soap and warm water solution with a soft cloth to clean the surface, and then another damp cloth to make sure all the soap solution is removed. 


Use a dry cloth to wipe off any remaining residue or moisture on the wooden surface. This will leave behind a nice sheen on it.


If you want to disinfect wooden pews without any harsh chemicals, you can mix 2 cups of warm water with 1 cup of cleaning vinegar and use a small cloth to apply the mixture to your pews, as well as doorknobs, light switches, chairs etc. But be careful not to use too much vinegar.

What if my church pews are damaged?

McPhail Church Services offer extremely affordable and convenient church pew parts and repair services. Our experts will get in touch with you, identify the type and extent of damage, and fix it for you in no time at all.

If you’d like, we’ll also offer church pew upholstery at extremely competitive prices, with stains and fabrics of your choice, designed to match your existing furniture.

What if my pews aren’t damaged, but the wood is starting to look old and discolored?

We also offer simple church pew wood restoration services, designed to make your wooden pews look brand new again. That’s the beauty of working with wood furniture—it’s easy to revamp and breathe new life into.

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