30 March

How Do You Prevent Church Pew Damage?

Like any other investment, church pews can benefit from preventative maintenance to help them look and perform their best for years.  

McPhail Church Services recommends a couple of steps to care for your wood furniture:

  • If there are any spills, immediately wipe them away and dry the area to avoid spots and stains.

-Each month, clean the pews with a sponge or towel that you’ve dampened in water and wrung out well.  Then use a clean dry towel to wipe behind and get up any remaining water. Don’t forget to wipe the hard-to-reach areas under the seats as well.

  • Once a year, polish church pews using furniture polish- you can simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • While you don’t typically need to disinfect your pews, occasionally there may be a need if someone has had an accident.  But be careful: disinfecting can harm wooden surfaces, so it’s important that you use a product that says it can be used for cleaning as well as disinfecting. Those are usually mild and best for wooden surfaces. Make sure you stay away from harsh or acidic disinfectants, as they can cause permanent damage to the wood.

What to avoid using on wood church pews:

To extend the life of your wooden pews and keep their surface in good shape, especially after a recent remodel, we recommend you do NOT use the following:

  • Ammonia:  This chemical is too strong for cleaning wood and can actually damage the wooden surface.
  • Oil: If you use oil to clean the pews, it can cause issues for the wood surface and your congregants:  Oil can stain, and also makes the pews slippery and difficult to sit on.
  • Glass cleaner:  Most glass cleaners contain ammonia (see above) and other harsh chemicals that can stain or damage pews.
  • Water:  Water damage is always a threat with wooden pews, just as it is to any wooden furniture.  This is why we recommend when you’re wiping down the pews, make sure your sponge or towel is WELL WRUNG OUT so it’s just barely damp.  It’s also a good idea to dry the wood after wiping down because any moisture left on the pew could cause water damage.

Refinishing Wood Pews:

If your wooden church pews are showing signs of wear, are stained, scratched, cracked, or faded, it may be time to refurbish them.  McPhail Church Services is renowned for our full-service pew refinishing:  We’ll come out, pick up your pews, then bring them to our factory where we’ll sand them, stain them, reupholster if needed, then deliver and install them back in your sanctuary in a timely fashion.  McPhail also does pew repairs, replacing damaged boards or sanding down rough edges.

Refinishing your existing church pews also protects your investment, extending the life of your pews, and increasing the value of your church.  And it can make them more comfortable for your congregants.

McPhail Church Services has been refinishing church pews for more than half a century, offering expert craftsmanship and experience.  We guarantee our workmanship and are competitively priced- plus offer discounts if your church needs multiple pews refinished. Contact us today to learn more about church pew refinishing and how we can help restore your pews for many more years of service.  And view our photo gallery to see some of the quality work we’ve done for churches around the country.

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