30 June

Church pews for church plants

As one of the foremost church services in the country, we’ve been lucky to work with some of our dearest churches to furnish plants in our community. 

McPhail Church Services Inc. has provided furniture and church pews to churches around the country for decades now. We’re known for the quality of our work and our schedule flexibility. Our main priority is to ensure that church service isn’t affected at all, so we work around your convenience and timing.

If you’ve been planning to furnish a church plant, we’re confident that we can be the ideal partner for you on this journey.

Below we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about furnishing church plants:

What services can McPhail Church Services provide for my church?

Think of us if you want fantastic quality for an affordable price in relation to any of the following:

What should I consider while furnishing my church plant? 

The most important thing to consider is seating arrangements for the congregation. We excel in church pews crafted to ensure not just maximum comfort, but also maximum efficiency while keeping your space in mind.

Can I move older church pews over to the plant?

We can help you with that, no problem. We offer church pew installation services to all our clients in many different states. We’ll pick up pews from your current location and install them at your church on your schedule and around your convenience.

Does McPhail offer church pew upholstery services?

We offer easy church pew upholstery and pew padding services. They’re quick, affordable, and highly customizable. You can choose the fabric and stains while having your pews designed to match your plant’s overall aesthetic and style.

What makes McPhail’s services special?

At McPhail Church Services, we’ve been installing and refinishing church pews for decades. We have a proprietary process for our projects that we’ve developed with a lot of effort, research, and input from our clients. We’re so confident you’ll love our services, we offer a 15-year warranty on our church pew upholstery.

Where can I learn more?

You can call us at (910) 322-5673 to speak to a McPhail expert, or you can drop us a message for a quote. You’re also welcome to fill out this form, and someone at our end will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We’re looking forward to working with you on your next project.Can I 

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