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Church Pew Restoration & Church Pew Refinishing

Our proprietary church pew restoration services are offered in conjunction with our pew upholstery services and include solid wood church furniture and church pew refinishing using our own in-house formula coating.


The process itself not only restores the sheen to the finished wood on your church pews, but also cleans, seals and protects your finish from future wear and tear without significant abrasion to the wood.


Church seating takes a heavy beating over the years, and oils from skin, as well as scuffs and sunlight can damage the finish on your furniture. McPhail Church Services' cleaning and restoration process is a fraction of the cost of traditional refinishing, and can be done on sight.


Why risk ruining antique pews with harsh stripping methods that can damage glue joints and affect the structural integrity of the pews? Our process works with the existing finish, maintaining its original color filling in scratches, cleaning the wood, and evening out those unsightly sun blotches. Our church pew restoration goes great with our pew upholstery services for a complete package that will make your church seating last for decades to come.