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McPhail Church Services, Inc. is the leading family-owned and operated company providing services in replacement and repairs of pew upholstery and pew padding. Our proprietary pew upholstering process adds years on top of the industry-standard practices. These services are cost-effective solutions for bringing new life to your pews and worship seating AND provide the value of longevity.


Should we reupholster our pews or just buy new ones?

It's not a complicated science. You'll know when it's time for a change. But the question of whether you want to buy a new set of churh pews OR continue using the old ones is completely up to you (we do both, by the way).


How DO you deterine what to do then? Easy: How much do you want (or need) to spend?


Many older pews are of higher quality than their newer counterparts. Adding new pew padding to them maintains their structural integrity while adding a new look and level of comfort. And if they happen to need a little more than just new padding, we've got you covered too!

The Difference is Amazing 

It's not just the fading colors but also the amount of support your church cushions provide and the longevity of the work.

First Time Pew Upholstering

Some pews come without pew padding. We can take those same pews and transform them!

Color Selection & Consulting

Our on-staff consultants walk each and every client through the pattern and color selection process.



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