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Church Cross


Church Movers: Pew Installations & Pew Delivery Services

If your church is looking at used church furniture from another organization and is not sure how to move, line up, or fasten it to the floor, we can help. We are church movers! We provide pew installations and pew delivery services.


Moving used church pews from one sanctuary to another can be a complex process best left to specialists - especially if moving antique or used pews.


Without the proper care it is very likely to damage the structure, finish, or upholstery of the pews. It is generally best for the used church furniture to be completely taken apart to its basic parts, shipped to its destination then installed as if it were new furniture.


For instance, many folks don't know that the support legs for the pews are cut to fit the original floor and if it is moved may need to be dropped or cut. Without this support striking the floor in a correct manner, used pews will never hold up to the use worship furniture endures.


Additionally, if you have existing pews and would like to update your lineup to meet new national fire and handicap codes we are your best bet. We are familiar with the laws and will lineup and re-anchor your furniture to meet code.